The beautiful Liptovská Mara lake is one of the top places for fishing. It is one of the water systems with the most fishs belonging to the carp regime in Slovakia. 

You can find here the following fish species:

carp, tench, pike, sand-eel, ide, silver salmon, undermouth, trout, lake sheat fish and eel.

Fishing is allowed from 01/06 to 15/03.

Classic fishing is allowed from 15/06 to 01/31

Fishing is allowed on two fishing rods, in case you use the classic fishing styles, you can only use one specific fishing rod. Rules for one fishing day for registrated fisherman can only leave maximum 2 pcs of salmon carp, tench, pike, sheat fish or their combination or 4 pcs of salmonlike fish, including grayling and undermouth, but in maximum 7 kg of fish in total.

Passionate fishers will also be interested in the fact that despite of heavy fishing, you can still catch a “big fish”! But if you don’t have a good day and luck, come to enjoy a great fish in our restaurant MARINA.

We are looking forward to your visit!