Give your body deserved reward after a difficult long day or active and exhausting day and come to relax in our wellness centre. 

Enjoy the perfect relaxation in one of four tronaunas, swim in our lovely pool and at the end come to the warm tepidarium or just have a rest on a sun beds with your partner enjoying a good bottle of Prosecco.

Our wellness centre with marvelous private atmosphere is what you look for after having visited alternative crowded facilities. Your comfort and feelings are the most important for us and that is reflected also in guest capacities.

So now just close your eyes and relax.


FROM 1.5.2019 ONLY Private wellness upon request

Wellness facilities at Marina Liptov

  • Temperature: 90 – 100° C
  • Recommended length of the stay: 10 – 15 minutes maximum
  • Air humidity: 10%
  • Positive effects: body regeneration, overall strengthening of the immune system, relaxation, prevention against cold.
  • Not recommended: in case of heart diseases, for persons after heart attacks, high blood pressure, acute infection diseases, persons over 70 years and persons under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.
  • Temperature: 45°- 50° C
  • Recommended length of the stay: 20 – 25 minutes
  • air humidity: 95-100%
  • Effects: detoxification of organism, strengthening of immune system, upper respiratory tract steaming, elimination of toxins.
  • Temperature: 60° C
  • Air humidity: 50 %
  • recommended length of the stay: 15-20 min
  • Effects: overall relaxation, pre-heating and relaxation of muscles before a massage or sport activity, prevention against viral diseases, detoxification of organism, improving of the overall organism status.
  • Air temperature: 80° C
  • Air humidity: 20 %
  • recommended length of the stay: 10-15 minutes
  • Effects: positive impact of the smell impulses and the steam on the psychology part of body. This all is made by the automatic dosing pump of essences mixing the water with the aromatic concentrate.

If for the cooling process cold shower is not enough, you can use a cooling pool to enhance the enjoyment of sauna.


Lay down on our sunbeds and  forget all your worries. Calm down, let your mind rest, listen to relaxing music and just enjoy peace and calm of this magic oasis.