1. Can we bring you a dog?

In case you want to bring with you a dog or other pet, you have to pay a fee of 25 € / dog / night.

2. Is there a need to pay a deposit in advance? At what height.

In case of a mandatory reservation, 50% of the price is required.

3. Are the towels on the villa?

The villa has a towel as well as a towel. Of course for each person individually.

4. Is there a climate on the villa?

No, the villa is not air conditioned.

5. Is there a hair dryer on the villa?

The hair dryer is not located in the villa but can be rented at the reception desk.

6. Can you cook at the villa?

The villa has a fully equipped kitchen with electric appliances (stove, oven, dishwasher, toaster, microwave oven) as well as kitchen inventory (plates, cutlery, glasses, pans, pots …).

7. Is it possible to grill in the villa?

Of course. Part of the villa is a terrace with an outdoor barbecue.

8. Is there a minibar at the villa?


9. Does the villa have a view of Liptovská Mara?

Yes, each of our fairy is situated overlooking Liptovská Mara.

10. Does the price include accommodation for wellness and fitness?

Accommodation has a separate service and no services are included in its price. Fitness and wellness are additionally paid.

11. Is the breakfast also served in the restaurant?

Of course, breakfast can be served in the restaurant, or you can take them directly to the villa. Breakfast must be ordered in advance at the reception and are additionally paid at a rate of 10 € / person.

12. Can we also order a full board or half board?

Our a la carte restaurant does not provide the possibility of ordering a half-board or full board. However, it offers you to choose from a menus every day.

13. What is the size of your pool?

Our relaxation pool has an area of ​​4×8 m.

14. How many levels does the pool water have?

Standard water has 29 degrees, which is the maximum temperature it can have.

15. What saunas does your wellness have?

Our wellness center includes saunas: Parna, Bio, Aroma, Finland and a cooling pool. At the same time there is also a relaxation room – Tepidarium and a swimming pool of 4x8m.

16. Children up to 12 years of age can go to the sauna.

We are sorry but can not. Our saunas are not adapted to children’s conditions.

17. What does it include to be a member of the Marina Sport Club?

Information about Marina sport clube can be found at https://www.marinaliptov.sk/sluzby/marina-sport-club