Current working opportunities


Work, competence and responsibilities:

  • is directly subordinate to the principal chef,
  • fulfills his instructions and regulations,
  • he is responsible for the rough preparation of vegetables and fruits,
  • during the absence of the Chief Chef fulfills the role of the Chief Chef,
  • when preparing raw materials, they must strictly adhere to the hygiene requirements and ensure that the processed raw materials are correctly stored for subsequent processing,
  • prepares the whole assortment of meals, which is available in the menus,
  • when preparing food, it follows the technological procedures and the weight of the raw materials in accordance with the calculations,
  • adheres to safety regulations, hygiene plan, cleaning of white and black dishes,
  • he is required to closely observe the consumption dates,
  • he is responsible for the assigned values.

Starting salary: 850 € netto

Barman / waiter

Work, competence and responsibilities:

  • serving both guests and guests in the restaurant
  • preparation and service of corporate events
  • ensuring day-to-day running of operations, adhering to and
  • fulfilling instructions from supervisors,
  • logging all orders into “bills”, account and payment transactions,
  • drink preparation
  • respect for safety at work,
  • order and cleanliness at the workplace
  • participation in the inventory of alcohol, non-alcoholic, hot and cold drinks
  • executing daily closing and passing daily sales to senior executives.

Starting salary: from € 650-800 netto, experience & ability + motivation component, possible growth to F & B manager.

Auxiliary power in the kitchen

Work, competence and responsibilities:

  • dishwashing and preparatory work at the center as appropriate
  • ensuring regular cleaning of kitchen and warehouse space
  • inventory and equipment preparation
  • management with direct instructions from the supervisor

Starting salary: 550 € in netto