The ecosystem of the future
September 22, 2021 0

Can you imagine a place that combines beautiful nature with upscale living and active leisure opportunities in one? An absolute symbiosis of Mother Earth with humans who can claim this place as their home? These ideas have materialised into reality and have been given the name Marina Liptov.    The idea to create a modern infrastructure […]

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Summer is ending… but the fun in Liptov is just beginning! Something like lower temperatures does not mean the end of enjoyment, quite the opposite. The Marina Liptov resort has a multifunctional space where one Indian summer will not be enough to enjoy all the activities! A space where man meets nature in perfect symbiosis […]

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What did you (not) know about Liptov?
September 10, 2021 0

Wherever you look, you will find beautiful scenery of diverse nature. It is one of the most visited regions in Slovakia during all seasons. Ladies and gentlemen, LIPTOV. From the north, it is bordered by the Great Fatra, Choč Mountains and the Western Tatras. The southern border of Liptov is formed by the ridge of the […]

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Photobook Magical Liptov
May 31, 2019 0

Most beautiful photos about your own region will usually be made by enthusiastic photographers who only take pictures as selfless passion. But many times they do not have the opportunity to show them to the world in book form. That is why we decided to publish a special edition of photo books called “Magic Slovakia” […]

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Dušan Plichta | Dobrodruh jedla, blogger a zakladateľ POWERLOGY
May 30, 2018 0

Po Banskej Štiavnici som tentokrát zavítal na Liptov, ktorý považujem za jeden z najprogresívnejších regiónov, čo sa týka rozvoja turistického ruchu. Zlepšujú sa aj služby, na ktoré sa tak radi sťažujeme. Tak pre vás vyberám miesta, kde to podľa mňa stojí za to zažiť a kde dostanete viac ako bežný priemer. Vybral som sa s rodinou do Liptovskej […]

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