Summer is ending… but the fun in Liptov is just beginning! Something like lower temperatures does not mean the end of enjoyment, quite the opposite. The Marina Liptov resort has a multifunctional space where one Indian summer will not be enough to enjoy all the activities!

A space where man meets nature in perfect symbiosis will provide you with a rush of fun that assaults all your senses. And that is why Marina Liptov has been nicknamed “a place of active relaxation”. 

For starters, you can head to the fully-equipped fitness centre, where up to 140 m2 of space offers twenty well-equipped stations for strengthening the whole body. Of course, there are also cardio machines, dumbbells or other modern machines. In addition to doing something for your health, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Liptovská Mara and its surroundings.

What’s better than relaxing in wellness after a good workout? If you are already getting chills at the thought of the absolute pleasure, where you royally pamper your body, don’t just stay with your imagination. In the Marina Liptov private wellness centre, you will find a steam sauna (45°-50°C), a bio sauna (60°C), Finnish sauna (85 – 110 °C), an aroma sauna (80°C), a cooling pool and a relaxation room with heated seating and a relaxation room. On top of all this, you have the option to choose a package for a couple, where we will give you a bottle of Prosecco, an espresso with dessert, fruit and Botanica natural body cosmetics. Of course, you will enjoy all this in privacy, as the spa is reserved for you only at any given time. We also offer the possibility of relaxation for groups (wellness reservation for 3-10 people).

And in the end, after a perfect day, there is only one thing missing. A proper feast. Gourmet meals prepared from fresh local ingredients in cooperation with local farms will be served in the stylish Marina Liptov restaurant with a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and Liptovská Mara. Are you drooling yet? Legitimately. On the menu, you will find various specialities of Slovak cuisine or other dishes from around the world. But once tasted is better than a hundred times heard, so come and taste these delicacies on your own tongue!

Liptov is a suitable choice for every season. You don’t have to rely only on pleasant summer days that promise hiking, adrenaline activities on Liptovská Mara or other outdoor fun. You also don’t have to wait for the first snow, skiing and other winter fun to enjoy the region. At Marina Liptov, we also think about those chilly days when you’d rather just crawl under the duvet or those days when the sun peeks out, but the temperatures are stuck at freezing point. 

Come and enjoy the last warming days of Indian summer and choose from our wide range of outdoor activities, or hide from the autumn weather under the roof, where you can spoil your senses with physical activity, a delicious spa or a tasty gastronomic experience. We look forward to seeing you!