Small boat driver course

Small boat driver course

We offer you the opportunity to take a class A and B of small boat driver course.

Category A – small boat driver licence. Captain than can lead a small non-powered boat with weight more than 1000 kg, including loading weight, and a small boat with its own engine powered of 4 kW to 20 kW.

Category B – small class small boat driver licence. Captain can lead a small boat with its own engine powered over 20 kW.

The theoretical part of the course takes place in the congress/ training room of Marina Liptov. The practical part of the course and practical runs are executed on Liptovská Mara.

The course price is 350 € per person.

If you are interested in, please send application email to marina@marinaliptov.sk.

Please provide your name, surname and contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible with information about the next course date.

The course price includes:

  • studying materials
  • theoretical course
  • practical driving runs, fuel including
  • all fees to the national transport authority (stamps)

Basic information about the small boat driver course:

From the January 2011 entered in the force the law n. 556/2010 Coll., with amended by Act n. 338/2000 Coll. about inland waterways all applicants before an State Exam for a professional license for a small boat have to attend a course that consist of theoretical and practical part. Maximum capacity of the course is 15 persons.

Theoretical course for small boat driver is always held within a timeframe:

Friday 16.00 – 20.00

Saturday 8.00 – 17.00

Sunday 8.00 – 17.00

The theoretical exam is done usually up to 2 weeks from the end of the course and takes place at the Transport Authority Office in city of Žilina or Bratislava.

Before you approach to exams, you can test your knowledge here – online tests.

The basic practical 4.5-hour training part is made with a motor boat on Liptovská Mara, usually right after theoretical part of the course or according to agreement in one weekend.

There are maximum three participants on every boat during the training, which is appropriate for co-operation training of the ship’s management and the training of additional activities, such is boat parking, mooring, maneuvering and safety  man overboard training.

Practical exams are executed according to the terms on the water reservoir Žilina, in Mojšova Lúčka.

What is main content of theoretical course?

  • CEVNI – European rules for navigation on inland waterways
  • basic legislation in inland navigation
  • navigational geography
  • nautical training, shipbuilding, ship machines and equipment

What is the main content of practical training on a motor boat

  • driving technique training (maneuvering, driving, , landing, anchoring, driving, …), training for crisis situations