Waterfall Lucky

The Lucky waterfall is one of just five important Slovak waterfalls called the natural reservation. It is also rare by the fact that it is located in the middle of a spa village Lucky. This waterfall is 12 meters high and falls from a travertine terrace into a small lake. Not far from the waterfall there is another interesting attraction – Lucky travertines.


Havranok is an archaeological locality over the wall of Liptovska Mara and a museum in the nature. It is located 2 km south from the village of Bobrovnik in the district of Liptovsky Mikulas. The archaeological museum in the nature is made by constructions (original fortification with stone city walls, wooden stockades and entrance wall as well as the cribwork yard), sacrifice yards, tools and objects which have undergone reconstruction and which make a national cultural monument since 1967.

Kvačianska valley

The Kvacianska valley is a carst valley in the eastern part of Chocske hills. It is crossed by the Kvacianka brook. It also includes a red marked path from Kvacany to Velke Borove or Huty. In its upper part, in the Oblazy locality, there are water mills which are technical monuments.

Prosiecka valley

The Prosiecka valley is considered as the most beautiful valley for its carst elements and variety of plants. One of the top places to see is the waterfall in the end of the valley where you can get from the crossing of Vidova and ladders leading on the rocks. The valley is crossed by an educational path with numerous information boards describing its characteristics. The path starts in the village of Prosiek and leads by the blue mark through the entire valley.